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Childbirth Assistance outside hospitals

This project started as my Bachelor Degree back in Mexico and later, during my time studying at UmeƄ Institute of Design in Sweden, it was developed parallel to some other projects of my master studies for an approximate duration of 7 weeks as a personal project.

Later, this project would also helped me to establish a collaboration with UNICEF.

In Latin America and Africa there are more than 8 million women every year that do not have access to any kind of health institution to deliver their babies.

In remote communities, where people have no chance to visit a doctor, childbirths are attended by midwives. Midwives have the respect of the community and they have a great experience in the matter, but they lack the right equipment.

Complications could present themselves after childbirth due to lack of hygiene during delivery. A big percentage of these complications might not be life-threatening, but they cause preoccupation, stress and expenses to parents.

This are some of the sketches for the development of the project. Based on the research, I realized that the main problem is the lack of proper equipment and basically is not possible to account on any element to be present from one childbirth scenario to another. So that there is a need to give all the needed equipment in sterilized conditions to the midwives.

On the left side there are pictures of mock ups of the cloth patterns made to determinate the ideal placement of elements and to test the workflow while attending a childbirth.

On the center there is a picture of the model’s construction for the kit’s container.

On the right side the final photomontage submitted to the competitions before the model was finish.

Studio pictures of the final models.

More studio pictures of the final models.

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