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Construction Site Radio

This project was done during the first year of my master studies at UmeƄ Institute of design. The goal was to analyzed the construction and design of an out of the shelf radio and redesign it for a construction site environment.

This project was completed in 5 weeks.

The first step was to understand the role of each component and the way they work together. Then each of this components were drawn in SolidWorks and then I proceed to redesign the radio. I use sketching and sketch models for this part of the process.

In my design, I changed the way that the tunning and volume knobs are operated, I made the volume knob to be the full speaker and the station knob the upper inner circle.

Here you can see the inner components and inner custom gears designed to make possible the new operation of the radio.

Pictures of the assemble of the working prototype and pictures of the details.

Studio pictures from the model indicating the main features.

On the left and right top, contextual renders. On the right bottom, picture of the actual model.

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