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Fracture Rehabilitation System

This project was done during the first year of my master curse. The goal was to identify a need that represents a relevant market for Philips which was our collaboration partner and develop a such product fulfilling the expectations of the market.

The project was done during the Strategic Design course with a duration of 10 weeks.

In order to identify correctly markets and their users, we used a mapping technique that clusters products that have similar aesthetic values, by doing this, it is possible to understand the trends in different segments of the market.

When combined with personas this mapping exercise also reveals the location of users in relation with the global market and it also helps to build a common language within the design team.

Once that the product and market were selected (in this case, fracture rehabilitation for the lifestyle market) the product was develop having the aesthetic values of the market segment and the form language of the company as guidelines.

A model was generated in cibatool out of the CAD data to be presented as final result.

Left side a frame extracted from the projects’ communication film. On the right top studio picture of the actual model. On the right bottom contextual render of the product.

This film was done during the second year of my master curse. The goal is to communicate in a non traditional way the projects’ final result by using storytelling. This video was made develop from concept to post-production in a period of 5 weeks.

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