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Hyperbaric Welding Robot

This project was done during the second year of my master for the Service Robotics curse. This was a 10 weeks project.

Hyperbaric welding refers to the action of welding metals underwater. This is a very dangerous activity that requires very specific skills. This combination makes difficult to find hyperbaric welders.

This and the subsequent image are the scenarios that I drew to be used as explanation material for a brainstorming session


Brainstorming session.

On the top part there are the are sketches of the refined three main directions that were presented. Direction “C” was selected based on what technology wise could be possible and the advantages for the divers during long operations. At the bottom sketches of the form development process.

The result is a robot that is able to perform hyperbaric welding autonomously, and the new role of the divers will be the placement of the robots in a close by location to the repair and supervise the operation.

Visualization of the robot performing a repair on a ship’s hull.

Visualization of the robot repairing an industrial pipe, and a diver operating the robot from location A to B.

Studio pictures of the model.

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