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Internship at Denso Design center – Toyota corporation

During the summer of 2011, I had the opportunity to have an internship an Denso Desing Center which belongs to the Toyota group for a period of two months in Kariya, Japan.

During this internship I work with two different teams for a period of 2 weeks each. Afterwards I work on a third project about the interface for the fourth generation Prius.

During my first assignment I work designing cluster dials for a market research test.

For the second assignment I work on the graphics of splash screens and skins for the navigation system.

On the third assignment, I explored the physical placement of the screens for Toyota Prius, and the way that information flows among the screens depending on the status of the vehicle (in motion or parking).

These are the form development sketches on top of a CAD model of the chosen direction where I looked to connect the main screens though a physical shape.

This is the final result where there is one big touch screen that could be access on micro-pauses while driving or by the passengers, and one heads up display and a front long screen where information flows from one to each other depending on the status of the vehicle.

This information system can also talk to the information coming from the mobile phone so the car can display up coming information in moments where is safe.

Close up of the information on the displays.

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