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Model Making

Model making is a very important skill in industrial design. There are many different ways in which a model is useful in the design process.

Following, there are some examples of different types of model and their role in my design process.

These are paper models that were use to explore the different configurations on the hinge of a pocket camera. It was also a first exploration about the dimensions of the camera.

On the right bottom there are full size prints for cloth patterns. With these patterns I was confirming the size and stitching lines for the final model.

These cardboard models were explorations of different configurations for the the bus project. By using these models we were able to figure out the way that the cabin would turn in case of a roll over and also gave us the idea to separate the powertrains for the main cabin.

Foam models are usually use to explore the general dimensions of objects and proportions in a one to one size.

Some other times foam models are use to explore the functions of pieces that will clip together or test the weight of objects for ergonomic reasons.

Clay models are use once that the general dimensions of a design are set and it is necessary to make the last refinement on lines and surfaces.

This is an example of my working process on the execution of a high end model.

I started with a detail CAD model. In order to decide the scale of the model, I made a quick styrofoam model to determinate that the scale that I select of 1 to 6 would be ideal to work the details on the model and that it will fit visually the scale of the other model in the exhibition.

Once that the scale was selected I proceed to detail the CAD model to fit the pieces for milling, rapid prototyping and laser cutting.

On the right, and explosive view of all the pieces involved in the model.

On the left, ictures of the pieces after machining. On the right pictures of the pieces after primer

After the pieces have been primer, I made a pre-assemble to prepare the pieces for final painting and final assemble.

Pictures of the final assamble after painting.

The last part is the documentation of the final model with some good studio pictures.

These are some pictures from other models I have built.