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This project was developed the first year of my master studies, during the sound design course. The project consist of a gps device where the direction of the destination is pointed by a light turning around the main dial and the distance to the destination is indicated by a color gradient where blue means far and red means to have arrived to the destination.

The main goal of the project was to enhance the interface and interaction by the use of sound.

This project was a team execution in collaboration with Regimantas Vegele.

We record sounds using an electric guitar and a synthesizer. Later on, we processed the sounds using the software Audacity and then we programmed a simple prototype with Arduino capable of reproducing the sounds and display a gradient changing light between blue and red.

Scenario and context photographies.

The device is portable and helps the user to navigate within cities or countryside entirely on gps navigation.

The user saves their main destinations before their trip.

Scenario and context photographies.

During the trip the user can scroll between the pre-saved destinations and select the one they would like to use. If the device runs out of battery, it has a dynamo on the back that, by turning it, it will provide power to the device.

Renders of the final product.

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